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Notable Civil Cases

Ursula Malopolska v. Donald Huber, et al.  WRN-L-313-16

In 2016, a client contacted attorney Dornish to explain that her mother was dying of cancer and the client hired two contractors to put an addition on her home so that her mother would have a place to reside in comfort in her final days. The controntractors had taken substantial sums of money but could not pass inspections or complete the job. 

Attorney Dornish took on the case an won an award of actual damages against both contractors and consumer fraud resulting in 3x's the actual damages.

A copy of the Order is provided.


Mirella Barwick v. Riverside Grill et al., HNT-L-119-06

In 2006, a client who owned a Restaurant was sued under several counts of supervisory liability. The matter arose from allegations by a waitress who claimed that a waiter was sexually harassing her. The counts against the owner were for;

1. Lack of proper supervision of employees

2. Failure to have a proper sexual harassment code and procedure

3. Harassment

4. Violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (N.J.S.A. 10-5:1)

5. Breach of Employment Contract

6. Negligence or Careless behavior resulting in injury or damages

Attorney Dornish took the case to trial and was succesful in obtaining a jury verdict in favor of the Restaurant Owner on all all counts


In the Matter of the Estate of Barbara Bauman Hunterdon County Chancey Division 

                                                                 Docket # 47044 (2016)

Attorney Dornish represented the Executrix of an Estate in a matter where the deceased mother had three daughters who were arguing over Estate Assets. The matter was successfully negotiated to an amicable resolution. 

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